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Maureen has been recognized throughout her career for being a visionary leader leveraging in-depth knowledge of business management and financial growth by significantly increasing revenue and operational efficiency. Solid organizational, communication, and time management skills. Adept at bridging operational performance and communication gaps to complete business interests, developing process improvement initiatives and conveying complex business concepts in a simple and compelling manner.

Justine provides business consulting to clients throughout the US and Canada. Her strong understanding A/E job cost accounting fundamentals and a commitment to exceptional services means a faster, smoother transition and improved efficiency for existing users. Justine strives to be a trusted adviser.

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Beth Lee brings over 25 years or Controller related experience to our Accounting Services team. With an extensive background in the A&E industry, Beth is able to provide her knowledge and experience to not only Crestwood, but to our clients as well.

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Eric Kimmet brings over 20 years of experience in the A&E industry to provide outstanding service to our clients. He utilizes his diverse background from an accounting systems analyst and bookkeeper to client services representative and solutions architect, to be able to bridge gaps and find solutions . Using his knowledge of accounting, computer databases, and software development he brings clients visions to life. . Eric is proud to bring his long history of using AEC systems, both from the client-side and the development-side to Crestwood’s clients so that they can “Achieve More” with the systems they are using.

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Scott Fitzgerald has more than 25 years of experience providing exceptional consulting services to over 800+ clients throughout his career. Bringing an extensive accounting background, Scott started his consulting career as a controller in the A&E industry and moved into the ERP Consulting services over a decade ago. Having experience in a vast variety of different ERP systems, Scott is able to provide his clients with a deep understanding of their business, financial, and technology needs.

Kat Stewart

Kat Stewart is a 25+ years accounting veteran of construction/job costing accounting, project accounting and coordination, along with a vast knowledge of working with various industry leading accounting systems. Driven by a passion for excellence and learning, she takes pride in providing the best customer service possible.  As the Crestwood’s Accounting Manager, Kat’ priority is providing our clients with accurate accounting information at their fingertips by utilizing her experience and our companies affective and efficient best practices standards. She oversees and manages and mentors the Crestwood Accounting Services team, ensuring client satisfaction in all the services we provide.  

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Derf Hampton

Derf Hampton has worked across various industries providing a wide range of accounting services for over 40 years. He is driven by a passion to exceed expectations and takes immense pride in fulfilling the needs of Crestwood clients every day.  Derf provides exceptional accounting service to our Crestwood clients ranging from bank reconciliation preparation to providing weekly financial status reports to our clients. His experience and knowledge is an asset to our clients and our Crestwood Accounting Services team.

Laurie Kelley brings more than 10 years of experience in accounting related services across a multitude of industries. With her background as a General Manager, Payroll Specialist bookkeeping and Tax accounting, she provides Crestwood clients with top of the line service designed specifically to meet their needs. She is able to take her years of hands on experience and guide our clients towards their goal in an affective and efficient way to allow them to Achieve More!